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My passion and mission is to help you give great voice. Which means to move, touch, and impact using your voice, your most powerful communication tool.

Whether a professional speaker and you want to work on your speech to “Rock the stage” or you’re a podcaster who wants to feel more confident when you’re speaking, or an author who wants to take their words off the page and breathe and speak life into them, I can help you feel more confident in your communication and land your messages in the way you intend them.

Thank you enriching our community with great content during your presentation on ” Give Great Voice“. The curiosity of the community showed true interest on the topic and the content that went through successfully to all of us.
– Rating out of 5 = 5 –
Here is some great raw feedback received from the community on what was liked most:
intentionality. Short, crisp actionable items. Super great. Very useful information on voice with practical applications!

Mariano Carro
Microsoft Soft Skill for Leaders Team

Tasia was mesmerizing. After a year long of business zooms here came this talented, soothing and incredibly thought provoking lecture that had us laughing, thinking and even centering through her interactive and unique techniques. Give Great Voice is a whole new level of professionalism that our large national group of business people embraced with open arms. Tasia is one of the most magnetic and amazing speakers I have ever heard! We are still all reeling from the event!

Christine Beckwith
Vision for Success Coaching

Thank you for the wonderful job you did for the employee benefits summit and Europe, Middle East and Africa. You were inspiring and motivating to the entire audience. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Richard Polak
Global Advisor for HR Benefits and Best Selling Author of Work Smart Now