I’m excited to be able to share my first official photo from the #TEdxTalk La Sierra University Stage.

This picture is of me rocking my real life “role” of “Super Soccer Mom” 😊– a role I cherish along with wife. Of course they are both the hardest to play well. The people we love the most, we often are the most challenged to #givegreatvoice to. When we let down our masks and show our true vulnerable selves, like when we’re stressed or triggered, or feel hurt or disrespected — we can sometimes lash out or be critical in our tone very easily.

It’s really helpful to be able to take a moment and think, “What is my intention?” Sometimes for me, it’s that I want them to pick up their clothes… for the 100th time…LOL!

I can say “pick up you clothes…please,” in a harsh critical tone, which I have to be honest, I do most of the time, because I’m reactive and frustrated. Or I can take a breath and warm my voice a little and ask them to ”please pick up your clothes”. Same words different intention AND different responses. I know the kinder delivery will make them want to do it much more and I’ll better myself for not losing my temper over something that’s annoying at best.

So, Giving Great Voice encapsulates so many aspects of how we communicate and my hope is to teach you how we can do it better…and “walk my own talk” at the same time. 😉

Love your thoughts or let me know if you have any questions!