1. Project and articulate – Think of yourself as the theater actor, everything is a little bit bigger. project like you’re reaching the back row of a theater, articulating what you’re wanting to say, over enunciate. We don’t have the luxury of mumbling with a mask on!

2. Use your facial and body language – the eyes are the window to the soul – utilize hands and eyes to accentuate what you can’t see below the mask. Gesticulating – jazz hands, engage your whole body, it’s the theater.

3. Consolidate your words – Shorten your sentences if you know you’re someone who likes to talk a lot. Be intentional and take a breath before you speak and conserve your energy.

4. Intentionalize the tone – This is the real joy of giving great voice – expressing ourselves in a more intentional way, if we want someone to know we are really glad to see them, we’re going Add More smile, more brightness. Which they will hear and also brighten our eyes, when we smile brighter our eyes smile too and that works in tandom.

5. Your mask can express your personality – Now a days there are million masks you can choose from, which is cool! There’s an aspect to wearing a mask that’s intimidating. We’re always sizing people up because we can’t see their whole face. But having some humor in your mask choice can help disarm others and show that you’re trustworthy, warm, safe and can create more connection. This can also be a conversation starter!

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