Whenever I share this quote with someone they remark how powerful this phrase is. It seems to resonate truth with so many. Affirmations are what we say over and over again… whether good or bad…the act of affirming it, makes it so.

I’ve become very aware and say only kind and positive things much more than I used to when I speak about myself and the same with the words “I have”.  Yes, as my husband says, “We have to be honest and real…” But, I believe in the law of attraction so passionately and I see what unfolds in my life when I’m consistently, positively affirming and it’s magical!  When I feel myself starting to be fearful and negative and down on myself… I also notice a shift in how my day and weeks unfolds.

I’ve made it a daily habit to say positive affirmations first thing in the morning. I have them written on my bathroom mirror and I also say them before I go to sleep and anytime I start to feel anxiety creep in. Just like learning a foreign language, it feels awkward and uncomfortable at first…but the more I say them, the better I feel — and the better I feel, the more positive I feel about my life and my choices and my family. I find I’m in the flow of that positive vibration so much more.

So, I want to suggest to you to be thoughtful about what you say after “I am” or “I have” and catch yourself if it’s unkind, negative or self critical and program a positive statement in place of that. I am beautiful, fit, healthy, wealthy… brilliant… admired.  It’s a habit that the more you immerse yourself in, the more you’ll make it a part of your daily routine.  I’d love to offer you my affirmation meditation app @thehavenapp which is completely free and downloadable at both the Apple app store and google play. It’s like going to the gym for your mind. The more you do it the more beautiful your brain will feel!

Let me know if it helps you and share it with anyone you think it might as well. Have a great week!