I found this very cool, old typewriter at a place we were staying at over Thanksgiving and it reminded me of how far we’ve come in the way we are able to share our words with the world. I used a typewriter when I was a teenager and I have to be honest, I never could have imagined that someday I would be writing on my computer/ phone and reaching the entire world, much less my professors!

I remember feeling overwhelmed with the tedium of making one mistake and having to start all over and it was big barrier to sharing my ideas, even though I had such a desire to get them out into the world. Now, decades later, I’m only just scratching the surface of all that I want to write and say and teach and I’m so excited to have all these amazing platforms, to bring it to others and make a difference in the world!

It’s magical when you think of the impact that we can make on not just our immediate community, but a global reach with our missions and goals and ideas. Never before have individuals had the power to influence so many, instantly. You have the ability to take your passion and share it with the world with your voices, both spoken and written are meaningful. And as an individual with a story to tell, so are you.

As we close not only this year, but this decade, think of how you’d like to beautifully close this chapter of your life’s story… and start the next year, and decade. You can start today with thinking of your goals and dreams and desires, write them and speak them. Affirm them and share them with your loved ones, your community and the world.. .because it’s never too late and the world is waiting for your voice to be heard!

Sending you all the drive and belief and the courage to start! You are amazing! ????????